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Well! Our first ever show in Ireland and it went incredibly well, even if we do say so ourselves. We travelled over on the plane with the Parade girls and then were erm, warmly welcomed at the airport by our sound man…

We hadn’t been to Belfast before so we did the sensible thing and went shopping. Ryan and Andy almost purchased these matching belt buckles:

But then they remembered they don’t ever wear belts so there wasn’t much point. Still, Team Randy represent!

We posted this on Facebook yesterday and asked you to guess whose hand it was. The answer (which zero of you got right - not counting the people who tried to sneakily have two guesses) was Joel, modeling his new mittens.

After our shopping trip it was off to the venue for soundcheck. Here is Ryan. Soundchecking.

We recorded a tiny snippet of The Wanted soundchecking from yesterday which we might upload for you, if you’re good. Tweet us #lawsongotvideo or something and if the demand is high enough, we will happily supply.

Then we went outside to mingle with the Irish fans, some of whom had dolls of The Wanted. Do you know how badly we want Lawson dolls to be made now? That doll looks more like Tom than Tom looks like Tom. HI to the fans in this photo by the way.

Then it was time to play the show. Given that we’ve never played in Ireland before our minds were blown a bit by how many people knew the words to our songs and were singing along! Gives us a good feeling for… oh, well we can’t say anything about that just yet, but if you sign up to our mailer that is coming out later today you’ll be the first to find out our latest big news…

Of course we met our backstage competition winners. Andy got an ice cream and they got some bonus Nathan of The Wanted, so a good night all round. Thanks guys!

We’re in Dublin tonight for the final show of The Code and we’re kind of devastated but thankfully we’ll be “drowning our sorrows” by living it up after the The Wanted boys finish performing so that will be great.

Don’t forget you can join us in our dressing room tonight at 7pm before we go on stage because we’ll be live on Ustream! Full details are on the event page, which you should RSVP to, and we’ll see you later on!

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