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Well! Our first ever show in Ireland and it went incredibly well, even if we do say so ourselves. We travelled over on the plane with the Parade girls and then were erm, warmly welcomed at the airport by our sound man…

We hadn’t been to Belfast before so we did the sensible thing and went shopping. Ryan and Andy almost purchased these matching belt buckles:

But then they remembered they don’t ever wear belts so there wasn’t much point. Still, Team Randy represent!

We posted this on Facebook yesterday and asked you to guess whose hand it was. The answer (which zero of you got right - not counting the people who tried to sneakily have two guesses) was Joel, modeling his new mittens.

After our shopping trip it was off to the venue for soundcheck. Here is Ryan. Soundchecking.

We recorded a tiny snippet of The Wanted soundchecking from yesterday which we might upload for you, if you’re good. Tweet us #lawsongotvideo or something and if the demand is high enough, we will happily supply.

Then we went outside to mingle with the Irish fans, some of whom had dolls of The Wanted. Do you know how badly we want Lawson dolls to be made now? That doll looks more like Tom than Tom looks like Tom. HI to the fans in this photo by the way.

Then it was time to play the show. Given that we’ve never played in Ireland before our minds were blown a bit by how many people knew the words to our songs and were singing along! Gives us a good feeling for… oh, well we can’t say anything about that just yet, but if you sign up to our mailer that is coming out later today you’ll be the first to find out our latest big news…

Of course we met our backstage competition winners. Andy got an ice cream and they got some bonus Nathan of The Wanted, so a good night all round. Thanks guys!

We’re in Dublin tonight for the final show of The Code and we’re kind of devastated but thankfully we’ll be “drowning our sorrows” by living it up after the The Wanted boys finish performing so that will be great.

Don’t forget you can join us in our dressing room tonight at 7pm before we go on stage because we’ll be live on Ustream! Full details are on the event page, which you should RSVP to, and we’ll see you later on!


Feels like it was only last week we were playing in Bournemouth and yesterday we were back again! Okay, so it actually was only last week that we were there but we couldn’t be happier to be back.

In the van on the way we watched a great film called City Of Dreamers, starring our friend and camera man George Webster. Yes, he is a talent not only behind the camera but in front of it. We had proud manly tears in our eyes, we can’t lie! Check it out if you can.

No school show in the morning so we took some time to admire the scenery. Bournemouth was looking pretty damn special in the sunshine. Hi to the randoms we caught in this picture!

It was then straight off to the venue where we soundchecked and light checked. Ever wondered what Andy would look like if he was a Smurf? Wonder no more!

Felt like the day flew by because before we even knew it we were on stage and Bournemouth were being rowdier than we remember. Either everyone in Bournemouth is naturally 5 decibels louder than the rest of the country or the acoustics in the BIC are absolutely exceptional but the noise is always insane!

Not insane were our wonderful competition winners, who were in fact delightful. Thanks for hanging out ladies!

By the way, does Andy or does Andy not have the longest arms you have ever seen on a human being?

We’re on a day off today, and we’re only two shows away from the end of this Code tour awesomeness, so we’re feeling a bit sad about that. Until we remember that we’re off to IRELAND tomorrow and then we look like this:

Also, as an exclusive just for you guys, we’ll be Ustreaming from 7pm in our dressing room on Friday, the last night of the tour. You’ll get to see what happens in the half hour before we go on stage, live! In full technicolour! Make sure you RSVP to the Facebook event for that because it will be unmissable.


Brighton round 2 last night! Great to be back, especially as we were still buzzed from playing the O2 on Saturday. That’s a high we’re not coming down from any time soon!

Kicked off at Aldridge School in Brighton for Sport Relief.

It was all a lot of fun and games, and we raised a fair bit of money - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in fact, so thank you Aldridge!

It was then off to the venue to do interviews and things. On the way we passed this… landmark? According to Adam, that’s how they do it in Brighton…

It was then time to play the show, and as usual Brighton brought the roof down. Can’t believe there’s only a few dates left of The Code - the crowd response last night just reminded us how much we wish we could be playing live every day!

Of course we ran the backstage competition, and met our competition winners Cat and Katherine who helped us to create another Lawson position.

Joel and Cat also got Haribo married, so he’s off the market for as long as it takes him to not give in to the urge to eat his ring.

And then it was back to the hotel to watch Embarrassing Bodies. Living a rock n’ roll lifestyle, I’m sure you’ll agree. We found this photo from Saturday night of Siva holding his tour plaque that he definitely wasn’t carrying round with him just to show it off to us or anything…

So proud to be on tour with these guys, can’t say it enough!

We’re in Bournemouth tonight - feels like just last week we were there before… Shout us on twitter or Facebook if you’re coming down!

A hello and a thank you to all our new fans and followers from The Wanted tour!


We’re combining our Bournemouth and London blogs because we didn’t have time to write one yesterday in all the excitement and madness. Think of this as a bumper instalment of Lawson tour times!

We played in beautiful Bournemouth on Friday. Started off at Bourne College for an acoustic show and it was the best school show we’ve done so far. Really enjoyed it. Here is us on stage:

By the way, Ryan, who is quite the artist, made an addition to the scenery for the school play… if you can spot it.

Then it was off to the show. Bournemouth was a slightly smaller venue than the others we’ve done so far but it was nice ‘cause we felt closer to the audience. There were a ton of banners too - more banners than we’ve had before! Here is one of them:

And here are our competition winners - sorry we didn’t post this photo up before! We didn’t have time to do it on the night and this has been the first chance we got. It was lovely to meet you :)

After the show we piled into the van to head back to London. Our heads were practically exploding with excitement to play the O2, so we calmed ourselves down watching the Mission Impossible movies. Kind of.

It was so hard to get to sleep that night, but we were all up bright and early getting prepared. Adam even went and got his hair cut specially.

Skipping straight to the actual O2, the place we’ve been dreaming about playing since the very first rehearsal we ever did… it’s just mindblowing to us.

We always put everything into every show we do, but we can’t deny the O2 was a little bit special. Here’s Joel taking soundcheck seriously and rocking out like the entire venue was full:

You’ll see a lot of went on last night in a future Lawson Lie In, as George followed us around all day filming it so no more spoilers.

We will say that it was the best feeling ever playing the O2. Legit the best day of our lives! We could see everyone on their feet, the screams were so loud, people were singing along… so intense and unreal.

And as part of that good feeling, we had FOUR backstage competition winners last night! It was an absolute delight to meet you - thanks for helping top off an absolutely amazing evening!

We were on such a high we wanted to run into the arena and hug everyone but unfortunately we had to rush off to the studio so we could, y’know, finish our album which is coming so very soon now. Can hardly wait!

Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday. There will be a special video message from us coming up a bit later this afternoon so keep an eye out for that. Next stop is Brighton (again!) tomorrow. Gotta beat Brighton from last time guys - we’ll be listening out for you!


Last night we were in Birmingham playing at definitely the best looking venue we’ve played so far - the LG Arena! First we had to sort out our rooming situation, which we settled fairly and diplomatically with the penny in the mug game. Andy won.

Joel came second.

And Adam lost, which meant he had to share with Ryan.

It wasn’t actually the worst case scenario. Andy is definitely the worst person to share with because he snores and slurps in his sleep. Nightmare. Everyone was quite glad he won to be honest.

We then headed off to play a little acoustic show at Ellowes Hall school. Had a great time guys - thanks for having us.

After that we headed straight to the swanky LG, but we had to drive through the actual middle of actual nowhere to actually get there. View from the Mystery Machine:

We also met some fans outside before the show. Thanks for the banner ladies!

Played a blinder of a set even if we do say so ourselves. Definitely the best so far. Joel had friends and family in the audience again which always makes things a bit more special and there was just a really good atmosphere and we had fun. Here are our lovely comp winners Amber and Caz.

And then it was into the van and on to the hotel ‘cause we’re in Bournemouth this evening! Can’t wait to get on stage - let us know if you’re gonna be there!

Oh and if any of you are following Ryan’s Pokemon progress, his Wartortle just evolved…


It was the last Scottish show last night, in the lovely city of Aberdeen. We spent the van trip reading Heat and More magazines. We certainly know a lot more about women now. And how to please them… if you know what we mean!

We were also very pleased to find out we made an appearance on Daybreak! Our first time on television… hashtag SOPROUD.

Our dressing room at the arena was right next to catering which meant that Ryan disappeared pretty much as soon as we got there and came back 3 hours later and 5 stone heavier than when he left.

We were joined by a mysterious masked fiend before we went out on stage last night. We put the pic on our Facebook and more than 200 of you made a guess at who it was. We can now exclusively reveal………… that we will NEVER reveal the masked fiend’s identity! Sorry, but he (or she! not giving anything away) is shy.

Once again we played to an amazing crowd and we’re so happy with the reaction we’ve been getting throughout the tour. Adam has been so enthusiastic that he had to change the skin on his snare drum last night - it wore out from his brutal playing style! It’s a pleasure to play to such responsive audiences.

On that note, here are our fabulous competition winners last night. Great to meet you guys!

We then headed out to Edinburgh for some unknown reason - here is us in the van. It may seem like Andy’s face took the full force of the flash, but actually that’s how he looks without make up on.

Day off today, and Andy has already flunked a game or seven of Championship Manager. We’re in Birmingham tomorrow and looking forward to it! Let us know if you’re gonna be there by liking or commenting. Or sending us a tweet @lawsonofficial It’s a leap year so we may do a #followmelawson later with whoever sends us the best proposals…


So, we were up in the top of the UK yesterday - in GLASGEE - and it was top indeed! We started off at St. Mungo’s school to perform and do some Sport Relief stuff. Here we are wearing awesome Sport Relief t-shirts.

It was straight off after that to the Daily Record to play an acoustic session and have a little photo shoot. Not sure when you will be able to see the fruits of our labour but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s out!

Busiest morning and then we did interviews all afternoon, but we believe you should work hard and party harder… except it was a bit too early to party so we had to settle for playing football instead. Two vs Two - Andy and Joel against Max and Adam with Ryan in goal. Max and Adam won. Here is a blurry pic of this happening.

To refresh ourselves after our strenuous exercise we made an amazing mash up juice in the amazing juicer machine. If you would like to follow our recipe, we used carrot, ginger, apple, orange, mango, tomato and celery in that order. Ryan named our concoction Pulp Fiction because there was lots of pulp and we made it up - get it? We’ll be marketing a more child-friendly version called Lawson’s Marvelous Medicine at some point in the future. Provided we don’t get slapped with copyright lawsuits.

We then went on stage and, though we do say so ourselves, absolutely smashed it! And Glasgow were probably the most mental crowd yet! Apparently #lawsonthecode is still trending in Glasgow so it’s safe to say we made an impression. Thank you!

Our backstage winners for the night were Staci and Lauren who not only had the pleasure of meeting us, but they got Max The Wanted to record a video message for….. STACI’S MOM. Who, we’re sure, has got it going on.

Then we watched The Wanted perform. Yes, again! Can’t get enough of that show. And then we turned in early ‘cause we were pretty beat from the day’s activities. Rock N Roll.

We’re on our way to Aberdeen now, and we’ve never been before so we’re hoping the Aberdeenites? Aberdeenians? The erm, people of Aberdeen, will give us a good welcome. Who’s coming tonight?

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